Hybridization of Agile techniques and your customer process provides concrete answers to your pain points and improves your performance

BTGS provides innovative solutions to assist and help your decision-making in improving the business performance of your company. Thanks to our worldwide coverage we are happy to accompany you everywhere.

Our Hybrid approach introducing Agility and Agile techniques in your customer process associated with our Web based platform providing assistance tools and services made us ideal partners in search of new solutions for improving business and operational performances of your customers projects.

Digitalization, time-to-market reduction, emerging and unpredictable raising competition or “co-constructive” customer trends oblige companies to properly and quickly react to change. It requires Agility. On the other side, sound decision-making based on empiric and objective information is key to ensure that the right decision is taken at the right moment is this fast changing and uncertain business environment. It requires data analytic of past experiences and market environment.

Agility and Data analytic are the two main pillars of BTGS solution

Using best practices from Lean management such as Value Stream Mapping, Kanban, Visual Management, we co-design with your team your Customer Project Framework consisting in introducing Agile techniques in your current process. Our Web based platform will then host your customized tools and services enrich with our analytic and other services to assist and support your decision making all along your customer projects life cycle.