BTGS proposes a Web based solution to assist and help your decision-making in transforming the business performance of your company

Why our solution?

We accompany our customers in their necessity to improve their business performance by proposing a solution based on Data Analytic and Agility because we do believe that both are two major pillars of the performance of companies whatever their size and business.

Indeed, Traditional ways of working are not fully adapted anymore to your current business context but are still bringing, in certain circumstances, high value and solid foundations. On the other side, Agile is a necessity to better manage change, uncertainty and emerging co-constructive business trends but its 20 + methodologies makes it difficult to embrace. We do think that the solution is in the Hybridization of both Traditional and Agile approaches. We call it Hybride methodology. It consists in introducing Agile techniques and Agility in your existing environment and enforce it with data analytic based on our own data and best practices and progressively with your own data.

What does our solution bring to your organization?

  • An Agile & Hybrid framework developed having in mind simplicity, efficiency, your existing customer process and your pain points. This Framework covers your whole customer process to ensure an optimum synchronization and alignment of your Executives, Managers, Project Managers, Offer Managers, project stakeholders during sales and execution phases
  • A “Portfolio Path Selector” and a “Project Path Selector” to define the most suitable methodology among a Traditional, best adapted Agile or Hybrid approach and its structure (i.e number of iterations, frequency of iterations) at a given moment in the customer project life cycle from its sales phase and until the end of its execution phase
  • A “Key Performance Indicators Selector” for the definition and monitoring of project performance indicators according to their methodology and characteristics, during the sales and execution phases
  • A “Resources Casting” tool providing information on the level of skills required and the available resources according to the methodology, phase and context of the projects
  • Digital tools and partnership to help competency development for both sales and execution: Experience sharing and quick access to information and support

How do we do it?

We do it in two independent phases:

  • A first phase of “Services” to understand your culture, people, existing methodology, data structure, business processes and governance and then co-design with your team your Agile & Hybride Framework. We use the Value Stream Mapping Lean Technique and Visual Management for the co-design phase with your team to propose the most adapted Framework prototype emphasizing your best practices and resolving your pain points. The prototype is then further tested and tuned on pilot projects
  • A second phase of “Subscription” to our platform THEIA (in SAAS or Hosted mode) on which your framework and Agile & Hybrid tools are customized. THEIA will allow to raise awareness, communicate, assist and encourage buy-in from your teams, whatever their location, culture and language. The Digital aspect of your “Agility” is fundamental to maximize its impact within your organization. THEIA integrates easily with your existing systems and tools. It also integrates our Data analytic to enrich decision making with objective and empiric information which will be possibly enrich with your data analytic overtime

Who can we help?

We are happy to share with you our experiences acquired with major groups such as TechnipFMC, EY, VNPT Technology, RikkeiSoft, etc. in their initiatives to further improve their efficiency. Time to Market reduction, new Digital ways of working, “co-construction” oriented customers, product to solution move or business environment uncertainty require fast adaptation capabilities and sound decision-making whatever your business and your size. We are here to help so please contact us to start together your journey toward Hybrid Agility!